Happy Holidays

January 4th, 2007

Hello All,

I have always loved the Holidays. There’s something about the traditions, the rituals, the excitement, all the trimmings and trappings of what makes this season so special. I get excited about decorating the house and holiday parties. I actually love the mad rush at the malls for gifts.

This is also a time to be serious and reflect about family, friends, faith and events which have and are shaping our lives. I miss being around my family which is of course spread out all over the place. More so now that I’m married. We are lucky that we are going to see almost everyone this year due to my brother-in-law getting married in one week.

Getting back to this now after about two weeks of not writing. We had a wonderful holiday. We saw almost all of our family, except for the Ohio contingent and my mom in Florida. Turner had a wonderful time and was very happy to see his grandparents and uncles again. I wish we could see everyone on a more regular basis but I know that this can not be the case. Ben was able to spend Christmas with us. We had a very nice week and just understand that he can seriously make some good cookies.

I hope all is well with everyone. And know that we want to see you soon.

Sorry for the delay.

December 12th, 2006

Hello all,

I have been horrible about keeping you updated with the latest in our little man’s life. It has been a busy time since our last visit. For Thanksgiving we flew to Neenah, WI to see Jenny’s grandparents. We had a great time as always. Turner did great with the flight. He was very calm and happy for the flights. On the way up there it was just Jenny and Turner as I had to work. Amazingly enough getting through security was very easy and much to the credit of TSA they were very helpful to Jenny and on our way back they could not have been more polite with making sure we had everything organized and handled according their regulations. Of course going through the airport with a baby, car seat, two suitcases, two duffle bags and carry-ons, we certainly looked like new parents flying for the first time. Turner is quite the flirt and he was making good time with the flight attendant (see picture).

Turner making time with the flight attendant

Not too long after our return to Memphis, Turner experienced his first fever. He was quite fussy and milked being sick for all he was worth. He truly is a male in that regard. He was just pitiful 🙂

This weekend we had our second annual holiday open house. We both enjoy having our friends over to gather and relax. Turner continues to appear to be the social butterfly as he deftly avoided his nap and enjoyed being passed around to all the people. Apparently everyone we know is having or had a baby recently as our house was swarmed with knee-highs running around. It was quite the sight. Turner had some friends over as well and I’ve included those pics as well.

Turner's friend Alexandria

Jenny and Turner

Another friend of Turner's. His name is Jaxon.

This Christmas will be our first in Memphis. Jenny’s brother is getting married in Atlanta on Dec. 30th and we will be meeting there to celebrate a late Christmas and of course Steven’s nuptials.

I promise I will be updating the blog on a more recent basis. I am in the process of learning how to use this blogging software to customize the blog so it will hopefully be more interactive in the near future. Also the web page will be tweaked as well. Hopefully this will occur within the next month.

All the best to everyone and I hope that you have a safe and delightful holiday season.

All the best,

The Koltnows.

Bill of Rights:2 Bush: 0

November 8th, 2006

Free at last! Free at last! Ok maybe that is being too overdrawn bringing MLK Jr. into the fray, but the message is clear. Finally Amercia has woken up and hopefully rid ourselves of that pestulant Republican stronghold that has hung like funeral smoke over personal freedom, liberty, and the REAL value of the American way of life. My question to you if you are a Republican is what did the Bill of Rights do to you, that for the last 6 years you have been so eager to wring from its delicate fibers the last drop of value that it has provided our country over the past 200 odd years? Were you so offended that others who don’t look like you, think like you, dress like you and worship like you could strive to enjoy the same benefits that we enjoy today

Thank God Americans woke up yesterday and voted for change. While it is extremely disheartening to know that only 40% of elegible voters actually participated in the election, it is nice to know that those who did were motivated by anger, frustration and a genuine desire for change. I was sincerely beginning to worry that we, as a country, had completely lost our minds and decided to let the Evangelical fanatics of the far right dictate what it is we should and should not be or do. I can’t wait to see our President have to actually contemplate both sides of an issue and make an actual intelligent decision. I really don’t think he can do it. But we shall see won’t we?

I don’t truly hate Republicans. I just depsise anyone who would be willing to disregard the Bill of Rights in such a blatant and callous manner. This is a country built upon the foundation of personal and religious freedom and we are expected to practice these rights on a regular basis. If we fail to exercise our personal voice, like we have in the last 6 years, then we have already seen the consequences for that failure. Bush has not truly won an election yet, and despite having no mandate from the public he proceeded, with his neo-con cronies, to display such hubris that it has cost this country countless lives in a meaningless war which was being run in such a state of disregard for those who actually had to place their feet where Bush’s mouth went. Not a very pleasant place I would suggest as well.

Maybe now we can actualy have truly “compassionate” governing in this country? Who knows? I know that the democrats are just as in bed with special interest and big buisness as the republicans are. At the least though we will not have our personal rights and freedoms dictated to us by such a vocal minority. To all my Evangelicals out there who believe so strongly that every act of every event is personally wrought by the all mighty I ask you this question, “what the hell do you think this means then?” Chew on that and try not to choke on your hipocracy as you spit the answer out. True freedom is found not by following an extremist path but rather by thoughtful consideration of what the middle represents and following, maybe with a slight lean, to this more popular path.

Now if we can only remove big corporations from the business of politics we will make a truly monumental leap that maybe won’t have Ben Franklin wishing for another lightening built to smack his backside.

To those who voted thank you. Even if you voted Republican you at least voted and that’s as it should be. For those that didn’t you should really look at how close these elections were and don’t kid yourself. Your vote matters.

All the best,