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Sorry for the delay.

Tuesday, December 12th, 2006

Hello all,

I have been horrible about keeping you updated with the latest in our little man’s life. It has been a busy time since our last visit. For Thanksgiving we flew to Neenah, WI to see Jenny’s grandparents. We had a great time as always. Turner did great with the flight. He was very calm and happy for the flights. On the way up there it was just Jenny and Turner as I had to work. Amazingly enough getting through security was very easy and much to the credit of TSA they were very helpful to Jenny and on our way back they could not have been more polite with making sure we had everything organized and handled according their regulations. Of course going through the airport with a baby, car seat, two suitcases, two duffle bags and carry-ons, we certainly looked like new parents flying for the first time. Turner is quite the flirt and he was making good time with the flight attendant (see picture).

Turner making time with the flight attendant

Not too long after our return to Memphis, Turner experienced his first fever. He was quite fussy and milked being sick for all he was worth. He truly is a male in that regard. He was just pitiful 🙂

This weekend we had our second annual holiday open house. We both enjoy having our friends over to gather and relax. Turner continues to appear to be the social butterfly as he deftly avoided his nap and enjoyed being passed around to all the people. Apparently everyone we know is having or had a baby recently as our house was swarmed with knee-highs running around. It was quite the sight. Turner had some friends over as well and I’ve included those pics as well.

Turner's friend Alexandria

Jenny and Turner

Another friend of Turner's. His name is Jaxon.

This Christmas will be our first in Memphis. Jenny’s brother is getting married in Atlanta on Dec. 30th and we will be meeting there to celebrate a late Christmas and of course Steven’s nuptials.

I promise I will be updating the blog on a more recent basis. I am in the process of learning how to use this blogging software to customize the blog so it will hopefully be more interactive in the near future. Also the web page will be tweaked as well. Hopefully this will occur within the next month.

All the best to everyone and I hope that you have a safe and delightful holiday season.

All the best,

The Koltnows.