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4 months already?

Sunday, November 5th, 2006

Are you kidding me! 4 months ago we were at the hospital, in the middle of the night, waiting expectantly for our new friend to arrive. I can’t believe that it’s possible for time to go by this quickly. I know that everyone said this would happen. “Next thing you know he’ll be 16 and you won’t even notice where and how everything changed.” Heard it a hundred different ways. Everyone was right.

I wouldn’t trade these 4 months for anything though. Our little boy is incredibile! He is laughing and smiling and talking to us all of the time. He genuinely enjoys hanging out with Jenny and I as do we. The other night all three of us were sitting on the couch and he was looking between Jenny and me and would smile, babble, and reach up and pull my hair or touch my cheek. It was magic! I guess it’s nice right now because he depends on us for everything. And with this dependence he allows us to share in his growth and development. Of course he is helping us to grow as well. I was very sick two weekends ago. Imagine me getting sick….it’s not like I am around sick kids all the time…but anyways. I caught a stomach bug and was feeling very puny for about two days. This was right before his baptismal weekend. I didn’t want to touch Turner or even kiss him because I didn’t want to spread my condition to him. On some level I think he understood this. As Jenny was getting him ready to go to school I waved by and told him I was sorry I couldn’t hug and kiss on him like a normally would. He just laughed and smiled at me with this big toothless grin. I melted and felt complete warmth spread throughout my body. And then when they left back upstairs to visit the restroom again…

The baptism weekend went very well. I was able to finsih the major overhaul of the backyard in time for everyone to come over and enjoy the work that I did. We had about 35 people over at the house for an after baptismal cook-out. I guess about half of these people were actually at the baptism. We were all grateful for everyone’s support and encouragement during this time. Turner loved being around everyone. He seems to enjoy people and new events which, as I have stated before is a good thing. We had family come in town from NY, NY., Atlanta, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and places in between. We also had several neighbors and various other friends. It was an afternoon of good times at least that’s what I was told. As you know when you host a party you don’t actually get to attend the party. Maybe I need some pointers.

Anyways it’s getting late. I just want you to know that we truely appreciate everyone who attended and missed those that couldn’t. Please go to the webpage and check out the latest pics that I have posted. They included the baptism, party, and halloween. Halloween will be another blog unto its self probably.

All the best,



Wednesday, October 11th, 2006

Babies are sponges. It is amazing how quickly these little guys develop and learn. Last night Turner went to sleep with his head under his mobile. This morning he woke 180 degrees the other way. He is a little cruiser checking out his crib.

In the mornings we put him in his little vibrating chair that has some toys that hang about eye level with him. He has lately been swatting at these but this was more or less random movements. This morning he sat right there and batted at these guys with purpose and joy in hearing them rattle and watching them swirl around.

I swear it seems you can see him learn. He has this confidence about him which is amazing to watch. Of course I am bias but this is my son and my blog so I am allowed this indulgence.

I got to take him to work yesterday. He was only there briefly while mom was at a meeting, but he was a delight to hang out with. He said “hi” to everyone and we went in my office and he promptly fell asleep. Of course all my patients had to see him for themselves and he was the quiet hit of the day.

Everyday will hold new adventures I am sure.

Turner Pics on website!!!

Thursday, October 5th, 2006

I am pleased to announce that there are 60 pics of Turner up on the website. Please go and check it out.

Turner Pics

Hope you enjoy the photos. I’ll be adding more as time goes on.