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Hello everyone.

Wow what an incredible journey this has been. Being a father is absolutely incredible if not a little mind-boggling as well. Turner is an absolute joy! He seems to be easy going and eager to get involved and try new things. Which when he begins to crawl will likely cause me to have multiple gray hairs.

At the beginning of this year I joined a pediatric practice. I had been working there for about two years on a part-time basis previously. I absolutely love my job. We have an exellent staff and our patients are a joy. I love working with the children and meeting their familes.

Jenny continues to amaze me. She is a wonderful wife and mother. She is absolutely in love with our son which will probably wane as soon as he starts to talk back to her 🙂

I have begun a major renovation of the backyard and will have some pics up soon with what we have been doing.


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