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First Fever

Saturday, October 21st, 2006

This past week I was out of town for my annual PA conference. This was held in Gatlinburg, TN. My first night there, in the room above me, the kids from Hell decided that they were going to make their last night there one to remember. After three calls to the front desk and the clock striking 5am they finally went to sleep. My second night a storm moved in and created 106mph winds. This would be classified as a category II hurricane. Isn’t this what everyone goes to the mountains for? A nice autumnal hurricane? My third night my phone rings at 1:30am. Jenny calls and not because she is up to something. Turner had a fever of 101 degrees. She was obviously upset and concerned so I provided some phone medicine and the next day he saw his doctor and we think he might be teething.

His current weight is 15lbs 12oz and gettiing bigger by the minute. When I got home I hardly recognized him. He is geting HUGE! But he is still so darn cute and happy. Outside of Gatlinburg are either the Smokey Mntns or Pigeon Forge,which if you love fudge, outlet shopping, go carts and/or t-shirt shops you might find yourself in heaven. Anyways I choose the outlet stores. In particular Osh Kosh By Gosh. Man do they make some cute clothes for these kids.

I have no idea how to by clothes for kids this small. So I asked the sales lady and away we went. She loved me! After about 6 outfits sized for him to grow into (of course he might be through with these next week at his rate) she went to the “back”, which is code for “sucker” and brought out some Christmas attire for our little friend. I don’t know what Santa is bringing to him, but he will look good getting it that’s for sure. Is it bad when after you leave a store you hear the sales people cheer and give each other high fives and then you turn around and see that they put a “closed” sign on the door and took off for the afternoon?

The mountains were of course beautiful. The leaves were again in full color with a rich portrait of yellows, reds, oranges, and greens. The temp was cool and it did rain for two days. I love it up there and when I win the lottery I will by a little cabin somewhere and whittle away the afternoons, at least until the crowds leave and I can hit the outlets. The conference went well. This year I am on the state board of directors for our PA association so I had some “official” duties to attend to once these were finished it was time to relax, learn and catch up with some friends. I did manage a hike in the Smokeys and will have some pics up within the next couple of days.

It was a good conference but I was glad to get home and see my wife and son. They really are the two best people in the world…

All the best,



Wednesday, October 11th, 2006

Babies are sponges. It is amazing how quickly these little guys develop and learn. Last night Turner went to sleep with his head under his mobile. This morning he woke 180 degrees the other way. He is a little cruiser checking out his crib.

In the mornings we put him in his little vibrating chair that has some toys that hang about eye level with him. He has lately been swatting at these but this was more or less random movements. This morning he sat right there and batted at these guys with purpose and joy in hearing them rattle and watching them swirl around.

I swear it seems you can see him learn. He has this confidence about him which is amazing to watch. Of course I am bias but this is my son and my blog so I am allowed this indulgence.

I got to take him to work yesterday. He was only there briefly while mom was at a meeting, but he was a delight to hang out with. He said “hi” to everyone and we went in my office and he promptly fell asleep. Of course all my patients had to see him for themselves and he was the quiet hit of the day.

Everyday will hold new adventures I am sure.

No Way…It’s up and it’s GOOD…..

Saturday, October 7th, 2006

This just in….Jenny’s brother, Stephen was selected when entering the Georgia State football game today to go on the field for an on the field promotion. He had to kick a 35 yard field goal to win. With well-disguised grace he stepped and nailed it home. The prize his choice of an new Toyota car valued at $35K or $20K in cash. Don’t know the decision yet but I will keep you posted.

Way to go Steve! Hopefully I can somehow find some video of this and we can all watch with wonder. What could be next maybe the Atlanta Falcons?